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Subscription is for Online Strategically-placed Display Banner Ads which will be displayed in one of these Directories: Infogyde.com | Bizgyde.com | Indiagyde.com | Worldgyde.com.

Use the following Coupon Codes for the following:

For 90% Discount (for the 1st 100 Customers): EED-90%

For 80% Discount (for the next 200 Customers): ED-80%

For 70% Discount (for the next 300 Customers): ED-70%

For 60% Discount (for the next 400 Customers): ED-60%

For 50% Discount (for the next 500 Customers): ED-50%

For 40% Discount (for the next 600 Customers): ED-40%

For 30% Discount (for the next 700 Customers): ED-30%

For 20% Discount (for the next 1000 Customers): ED-20%

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The Subscription/Membership is for the following Web Solution:

Online Display Strategically-placed Banner Ads – These types of Banner Ads are used to reach Audiences of Specific Types. These will be displayed in one of the following Web Platforms/Business Directories:

Infogyde.com: Coimbatore Search Engine & Business Directory

Bizgyde.com: Tamilnadu Business Directory

Indiagyde.com: India Business Directory

Worldgyde.com: Global Business Directory

Purpose & Advantages of Strategically-placed Banner Ads:

  •  These Banner Ads can be used to target Audiences of Specific Locations, Categories, Keywords, Interests, Pages, Competitor Pages, and/or any of these combinations.
  • These Banner Ads can be used to achieve both Short and Long-term Targeted Marketing & Branding Objectives.

About Company

EMART EVENTURES, a Digital Marketing firm from Coimbatore offers Online Display Banner Ads that will boost your brand visibility to online users and Target Audience (TG).  Displayed on leading Business Directories, they can be chosen to reach Random, Niche (Category-based audiences) or Location-based audiences. You can fulfill your brand and business objectives by creating specific ideas for your banner ads and appeal to your audiences and potential customers. Suitable for all types of businesses, these web platforms serve different functions such as B2C Marketing, B2B Marketing, Offers Promotion, Ecommerce Sales, Product, Service or Project Promotion, Online Brand Reputation Building, Dealer Support, Blog/Content Promotion, Brand Videos Promotion et al. Emart Web Solutions include Infogyde.com, Bizgyde.com, Indiagyde.com, Worldgyde.com, CouponBowl.in, Produx.in, BrandingWall.com, ReGET Shopping Loyalty Rewards, KrossPro.in, PromoSpace, Digital Marketing, Content Writing & Promotion Services, etc.

Note: After buying this product/package, please send your business through WhatsApp to 9042012011 and/or email: emarteventures@gmail.com to add your business account/profile in the respective websites, platforms, and solutions.

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