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Produx: Localized Ecommerce Store

Produx, the multi brand Ecommerce store based at Coimbatore is set to take off as a local online sales platform for small and medium shops/stores, dealers, manufacturers and business owners. This Ecommerce website offers a simple-to-set-up Brand Store for each of these businesses and enables them to sell outright without even knowing the nitty gritty of Online Marketing and Ecommerce Sales.

The Ecommerce Marketing Strategy of Produx is its biggest target audience outreach plan through Offline Marketing methods especially through millions of handouts and thousands of wall posters. The offline-to-online sales promotion of EMART EVENTURES, the promoting company of Produx will soon be backed by its Customer Rewards and Loyalty Program ReGET  which is expected to turn heads and eyebrows. The short-run and long-run Ecommerce strategy of Produx includes Digital Marketing and Content Marketing through extensive campaigns in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs, Story & News sites, Forums, etc.

The multi brand, multi category Ecommerce platform Produx sells all types of products, services and solutions including grocery, personal care, home care, kitchenware, cookware, home utilities, clothing, furniture, lifestyle accessories, footwear and more for the domestic buyers, office needs products, computers, equipment and corporate gifting solutions for the business buyers, and all types of products for B2B, Institutional and Bulk Buyers.

The company plans to leverage the use of Delivery Apps available in the market in its initial stages, and to evolve with better options and solutions like joint strategies, exclusive or own delivery teams, etc., in due course. Delivery through individual stores is also allowed as per their preference allowing them convenience and cost-effectiveness.

The major advantages for stores and brands listing with Produx are:

  • Extensive Offline Branding for their businesses
  • Repeated brand exposure to local audiences
  • Joint and Cross Promotion to share marketing costs and to increase impact
  • Exciting events and activities for creating buzz
  • Additional platform to make their products available to their local customers and increase sales volumes
  • New and increased opportunity to sell new markets and audiences
  • Ability to achieve dual objectives of sales and brand building

 As EMART EVENTURES already runs its own Coupon Directory CouponBowl, Coimbatore Search Engine Infogyde, Pan-India Business Directory Indiagyde, Cross Promotion and Business Networking Platform and System KrossPro and KSL 20/20, offers services and solutions such as Digital Marketing, Content Writing and Corporate Gifts and plans a plethora of marketing ideas and strategies, it will be an all-out, multi-fold, multi-pronged and multi-channel marketing blitzkrieg and promotion.

Apart from existing businesses and startups, Produx offers and encourages Opportunity Seekers, Freelancers and Part-timers to set up their Ecommerce Brand Store without any products and stocks, and establish an online brand identity for them with a least start-up investment and virtually no business setup. These Opportunity Seekers can just own a virtual store with virtual stock but with no real estate and physical inventory.

Produx is localized to the core with custom design for the Brand Store, local offline promotion, individualized audience targeting for each store, in-depth local market coverage, interactive and participative events connecting the local audience, localized joint marketing and cross promotion, co-marketing and tie-ups with local brands and businesses, selective distribution of leaflets, wall posters and digital ads, local area content marketing, etc. This gives Produx a local appeal, exposure and connectivity making it more as a neighbourhood Ecommerce store than a global sales platform in spite of its global outreach, capability and searchability.
EMART EVENTURES can be reached through or +91-9042012011.

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