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Produx Adopts Hybrid E-Commerce Strategy


Coimbatore based e-commerce website Produx is stepping up its marketing strategy through a Hybrid model which involves both strong online marketing and aggressive offline marketing. The multi brand, multi category, multi vendor website Produx plans to adopt custom marketing strategy for each of its target markets and reach out to local audiences with local players ads and promotions. As the  promoting company EMART EVENTURES is already into various Internet Marketing solutions and services like Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Business Directories, Coupon Directory and Cross Promotion Platform, it will leverage all its online abilities to strengthen the promotion of Produx. Add to that, the company’s immense experience in Offline Marketing through Tabloids, Retail Loyalty Programs like ReGET and Cross Promotion System KSL 20/20 helps it to launch intensive Offline Campaigns in its drive to catapult the Ecommerce initiative Produx.

The Hybrid Marketing Strategy helps the online stores that are listed with Produx to get customised local branding, focused reach and specific audience targeting. It gives the local brands control over their promotional activities and strategic marketing advantages of physical and digital branding achieving deeper penetration, better brand recall, greater  impact and higher conversions.

To this effect, Produx plans distribution of innumerable physical pamphlets for deeper penetration, wall posters for better brand recall, repeated exposures through handbills, social media posts and ads for greater impact and concentrated local  brochure and ads distribution for higher conversions.

With clutter-beating ideas and strategies such as Flooding the Market (Market Impacting) and ReGET Incentive System (Customer Loyalty and Rewards Program), Produx’s marketing arsenal is further strengthened, and its Call-To-Actions improve dramatically. Produx wants to create a sensation of sorts with these and more innovative strategies and make Produx a buzz in the marketplace. Moreover, the company’s plans to extend its Cross Promotion Program and Coupons System KSL 20/20 to include this Ecommerce website Produx increases its possibility of further local connectivity and outreach. To further strengthen its marketing salvo, EMART EVENTURES plans to deploy its Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Program WebGyde and Strategic Digital Updates and News Distribution System Branding Wall for effective, instant and local Brand News, Brand Content and Strategic Ads release and distribution.

On top of all these, Produx’s promotion is further strengthened through Social Media Ads, and Online and Offline Press Releases to increase Produx’s brand presence on the internet and searchability through Google for various keywords and phrases.

Produx purposes to use the company’s business directories and platforms to increase its Inbound and Outbound Marketing through business listings, coupons, banner ads, blogs, news and keywords promotion. Its decade-old business directories Infogyde and Indiagyde serve Produx’s need for Internet Marketing such as Keywords Marketing, Local Listing, National Outreach, Inbound Traffic Generation and Brand Visibility. Its Coupon Directory CouponBowl will add to Produx’s Sales Conversion and Link Building efforts. KrossPro, its Cross Promotion and Business Network Builder Platform helps to educate B2B audiences about Business to Business opportunities in Produx.

As a sales platform, Produx boasts of supporting and promoting all kinds of products and businesses by enabling the sales of physical, virtual and downloadable products across innumerable categories and classifications. All types of businesses and entrepreneurs including Corporates, Manufacturers, Dealers, Distributors, Large, Medium, Small and Local Brands, Micropreneurs, Home-based Businesses, Freelancers, Part-timers, Virtual Marketers, Opportunity Seekers, Extra Income Seekers, Internet and Physical Sellers, StartUps, Women Entrepreneurs, etc., can enlist their businesses, set up their stores and sell their products, services and solutions through Produx.

The Hybrid E-Commerce Marketing Strategy is both cost-effective and sales effective. The Offline/Online Combo Promotion together with Smart Ideas fills the gap left by either Online or Offline Promotions and strongly impacts especially the Local Population and Neighbourhood enabling better brand recognition, brand recall and product sales.
EMART EVENTURES can be contacted through, and +91-9042012011.

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