Produx User Terms:

  1. The End Customer shall be called a User and he/she/any entity shall purchase products / services / solutions through this online property viz of EMART EVENTURES (the promoting Company of this website The terms EMART EVENTURES and Company shall be used interchangeable and shall mean the same across this website and also in any marketing media (online and print), and Company’s other online properties, partner websites and affiliate programs/plans. In the same way, the website refers to
  2. The User is entitled to order, buy and receive products/services/solutions in good and acceptable conditions on/before the delivery time listed in this website at pre-determined price.
  3. For cancellation/return of orders, the User shall refer to the Cancellation Policy or Terms of the individual Stores/Sellers/Vendors/Brands enlisted in this website; in other cases, the User shall refer to the general terms of this website.
  4. The User shall accept and follow the current and future terms of this website and also associated websites/programs. Acceptance of the User terms of this website also means acceptance of the future amendments /changes/updates in practice, policies and procedures – though not notified individually due to practical reasons but effectually made available in this or associated/partner websites and/or in various other ways the Company is able to communicate or notify or publish or announce or make available.
  5. The User shall keep a record of all the transactions, orders and payments for any future references or claims.
  6. If in any case, any person(s) or entity/entities belonging to or acting on behalf of the User who is/are involved in any malpractices with or without the knowledge and consent of the User, he/she/it/they is/are doing so at his/her/its/their own risk of facing law. In all such cases, the Company is not liable for any legal repercussions, consequences and compensations thereof. The User shall provide the details of such persons that he/she/it possesses to enable the initiation of lawful action against such person/s or entity/entities and legal proceedings.
  7. The User shall not provide false information about his/her/its entity in this website or associated programs. The User should strictly forbid such an action.
  8. The User shall not violate any norms or terms of the agreement failing which the User shall be liable to prosecution according to law and/or fines, based on the nature of violation(s).
  9. The Liability for product damages/shortfalls/failures shall be upon the respective Stores/Sellers/Vendors/Brands only. The website or EMART EVENTURES, the owner of the website shall not be made responsible in any way, whatsoever as EMART EVENTURES (the Company) provides only this platform to display or sell their products/services.
  10. EMART EVENTURES reserves the right to block any User to use this website/associated websites/programs without disclosing the reason(s).
  11. For all issues pertaining to this website or Company, the legal jurisdiction is Coimbatore city only.
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